Alessandra Fraga

Alessandra Fraga is a certified Powerhouse Pilates certified instructor with extensive training in working with elite athletes. In her native Brasil, the dynamic Alessandra studied the Brasillan martial art of Capoeria for fifteen years. This study inspired her to venture down a new path to discovering the human body and its secrets, and develop a greater understanding of kinesiology and common injuries related to a strenuous workout.


While still in Brasil, Alessandra meet Shari Berkowitz, owner of The Vertical Workshop pilates studio in Beverly Hills and a Power Pilates teacher trainer. Shari’s guidance provided her with the first tools toward her road to pilates. After her first session, Alessandra was hooked on the method, the apparatus, the history behind the discipline, but crucial to her enthusiasm was the feeling of wellness achieved after a session. “It was a really hard work out but I felt like I did something really positive to my body. People feel like that after a massage, yet it was nothing like a massage! It was very intense and energetic. Just amazing!”

Alessandra now is a Power Pilates Certified Teacher at Winsor Choza Pilates. In addition to training elite athletes, she has experience working with clients struggling with osteoporosis, and those who simply strive to improve their physical capability. During her last pregnancy, she was healthy and able to do her work out the day before her son was born. As a result, many women expecting babies have been doing Pilates with her looking for the same benefits for a healthy and happy pregnancy.