Paula Present

Paula Present has been teaching Pilates since October 1998.  She got certified with Marie Jose Blom at Long Beach Dance Conditioning for Pilates, focusing more on rehabilitative, modified work through Pilates.   She was asked to teach at the esteemed Long Beach Dance Conditioning 6 months after her certification.  With a natural curiosity on how the body works to organize into one strong unit, she has pursued continuing education in the form of workshops and classes.  Five years after her certification, she discovered the art and dynamism of classical Pilates in a mat class and in 2006, started training with first generation master teacher, Jay Grimes.  She became a graduate of “The Work” under Jay Grimes in 2013.  Her teachers have included Moses Urbano, Karen Frishmann, Jillian Hessel, and currently, Saul Choza.  Having knowledge about both rehabilitative and classical Pilates, Paula continually finds the balance in helping people find their core, strengthen weaknesses, reduce pain, rehabilitate after surgery, and walk through the world confident in their bodies.


In addition, Paula completed the foundation course of the Gokhale Method and has been certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in 2014 for strength training.  She loves the collaboration of weight training and Pilates, and how complementary they are.  She is fascinated with the body, biomechanically, theoretically, and aesthetically.  Other movement art forms, such as yoga and dance, have become the laboratory in which she discovers the function and power of Pilates’ work.  She has been a yogi since 1998 and dancing and choreographing professionally, since 1995.  She is the Creative Director at Winsor Choza Pilates.