COVID 19 House Rules


Winsor Choza Pilates wants clients and trainers to know they a workingout in a Covid safe enviroment. We are taking all measures to keep a clean, disinfected studio for everyone.


  • We are having all our clients wear a mask while exercising to reduce droplet transmission.    Please wear a mask in the studio.  If you don’t have one, we will provide a disposable one for you. Trainers must wear a mask while teaching and are not allowed to use tactile cues for the time being.

  • We will not allow clients or trainers into the studio showing any signs of cold or flu symptoms. You will be turned away and charged for your scheduled appointment. We suggest if you’re experiencing flu like symptoms, to call the studio immediately, that way your account will not be charged for a late cancellation.


  • We ask all clients to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds before and after their session.  Disinfectant solution is available at both entrances of the studio.


  • We request removing shoes before entering the studio and wearing exercise socks. Exercise socks are available for sale at the reception area. Regular socks may be slippery on the wooden floor and equipment but are permissible. Please use caution.  No bare feet will be allowed. 


  • Please refrain from unnecessary walking around the studio. Stations have been designed to maintain a social distancing protocol.


  • To add extra precaution, personal Reformer mats, as well as canvas loops for the leg springs are available for purchase.  They are machine washable.


  • For additional safety and hygiene, if you prefer, bring your own towel and exercise mat to work out.

  • The shower will be closed until further notice.