Saul teaches 4 workshops a year for teachers and Pilates enthusiasts to deepen knowledge and connection of the work.

 Connecting the Upper Body to the Powerhouse

February 1 2020 1:00-4:30 PM


In this workshop we will address the upper body’s strength in the classical work, especially for women. Because of our master teachers were mostly female dancers, body mechanics was lost in translation. For ballerinas a certain form of the upper body is required but it is not necessarily the most ergonomically a correct posture. In this class will breakdown the shoulder complex structure and learn the exercises which will develop a well-developed upper body to execute the most advance exercises. The student will learn exercises which will activate the serratus, ease the articulation of the scapulae, strengthen the shoulder rotator, and big muscle of the upper body. The low chair will be an important accessory to use in this workshop. Students will observe each other and use various apparatus. The workshop will end with a 15 minute discussion.