Designing Closing Exercises on the Wunda

Saturday, October 3

12:00 PM - 3:15 PM PST


The Wunda Chair’s design was inspired by acrobats, and is a very unique piece of equipment. The diversity of exercises practiced on this chair is so extensive, that it was the first home gym designed for the students of Joseph Pilates. In this workshop, students will learn exercises to work the lumbopelvic and scapular rhythms, flexion and extension of the spine, as well as exercises for the legs. All these exercises have one objective, to deepen the "powerhouse." The exercises will be broken down in blocks of specific goals, from the most basic form (Spine Stretch)  to the most complex  (Teaser on Wunda). The participant will understand the breakdown of the exercises and prescribe the best closing combination of exercises to fit the student. We finalize the workshop with a 45 minute flow session.

COST: $60


Curating an Effective Virtual Pilates Mat Class

Saturday, October 24

12:00 PM - 3:15 PM  PST


Covid-19 has us taught us to be resilient. With the new normal, we have shifted our teaching to an online platform. How does one teach the modern clients virtually without watering down the essence of Pilates? Join me in this one of the kind workshop where we use the Joseph Pilates classical mat order as a blueprint to design exercises that will help the inactive or mature client begin a strong Pilates foundation. We’ll break down the One-hundred and many other exercises to develop pre-Pilates exercises routine which will support a safe and effective virtual mat class. 

Cost: $60


Como Organizar una Clase de “Mat” Virtual, Segura y Eficaz, Para el Cliente de Hoy

Domingo, 25 de Octubre

8:00 AM -11:15 AM  PST

10:00 AM -1:15 PM  CDT

12:00 PM -3:15 PM  BRT/ART

5:00 PM - 8:15 PM  CET


Covid-19 nos ha enseñado a ser resistentes. Con la nueva normalidad, mucho de nosotros, hemos cambiado nuestras enseñanzas a una plataforma virtual. ¿Cómo se enseña a los clientes de hoy virtualmente sin diluir la esencia de Pilates? En este taller usaremos el orden del mat clásico de Joseph Pilates como marco para diseñar ejercicios que ayudarán al cliente inactivo o maduro a comenzar una base sólida de Pilates. Desglosaremos “The One Hundred” y otros ejercicios para desarrollar una rutina de Pilates que respaldará una clase segura y eficaz virtual.

Costo: $60