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come in and change your life.

The premier Classical Pilates studio in Los Angeles

Delivering Exceptional Training for Every Body. 

Winsor Choza Pilates believes in strengthening bodies from the inside out through the art and science of Classical Pilates. Our team of top industry expert trainers provide custom workouts designed to specifically target your needs. The studio is fully equipped with the classical apparatus including Reformers, Cadillacs, Chairs, Barrels, and Resistance Training. 


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Private Session

A one-on-one session specifically designed for your body's needs.

Duet Session

Two individuals with one instructor. Great for couples, friends, or family!

Resistance Training

Work one-on-one with our certified resistance training instructors. 

Core Continuum

Deepen your knowledge of the Pilates method with this intimate weekly group class taught by Saul Choza.

Group Classes

 Our classes incorporate a variety of equipment and exercises, including the mat, reformer, wunda chair, standing exercises, and magic circle. These classes will build strength, improve flexibility, and deepen your mind-body connection.


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At Winsor Choza Pilates, we pride ourselves on being an ever-evolving studio that fosters growth among our team members. As a part of our team, you will have the opportunity to grow as a Pilates instructor while being nurtured in an uplifting environment. Join us and let's achieve our goals together!

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