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A home for Pilates professionals to learn, move, and grow

Foundational Exercises for the Mature Population

May 20 | 12pm- 3pm | Winsor Choza Pilates
Are you ready to tailor a Classical Pilates session for the goals and needs of the maturing population? The often sedentary lifestyle of the aging population all too often leads to compromised posture, strength, balance, flexibility, and physical endurance. The pre-Pilates exercises are key to a successful and safe class for a senior new to Pilates. Facilitating a safe session is much more than the exercises' set up and choreography, it's understanding the ideal range of motion that comes with full body mobility.


In this workshop, participants will learn the ideal range of motion of the feet, ankles, knees, hips, spine, and shoulders. Understanding this ideal full range will allow the instructor to guide an aging client through a safe workout with confidence. Pre-Pilates exercises set up the mature client to not only sit on the reformer with ease, but also perform challenging exercises such as Stomach Massage and Knee Stretches. Building a strong foundation for the aging population through Pre-Pilates exercises, will set them up for success in their continued Pilates practice and overall health, wellbeing, and longevity! 

Early Bird Special: $250

Beginning April 1st: $300

Scholarship Opportunity Available Here

Core Continuum for Teachers


Join us every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:30pm for an intimate group class for Pilates Professionals led by Saul Choza. Core Continuum is structured and treated like a workshop. Participants can expect to move, and deepen their understanding of the human body and Classical Pilates method. Spaces are limited, reserve your spot today!  

Pilates Anytime


Join Saul on Pilates Anytime for a series of engaging classes for every level. Here you'll find Mat, Reformer, and Wunda Chair classes designed to deepen your Pilates practice. 

Use code CHOZA for a free trial!

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