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The premier Classical Pilates studio in Los Angeles
Winsor Choza Pilates

is committed to excellence, with world class instructors sculpting bodies of every variety, background, and ability. Under the leadership of master trainer Saul Choza, the studio continues the legacy of the original Winsor Pilates. 

In an intimate studio setting, clients learn to move with grace and ease, using classical apparatus, such as the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair and mat. If you like variety in your workout, we have certified instructors and a space designated for resistance training. 

As soon as you walk into the studio, you will feel part of something very special. We welcome you to an elevated and inclusive experience. Come in and change your life! 


Meet our Team

Saul Choza

Owner | Pilates Instructor | Certified Personal Trainer

Winsor Choza Pilates founder Saul Choza is passionate about transforming bodies through the art and science of Pilates. His twentyseven-year evolution as an instructor is the result of a desire to integrate new, complementary fitness modalities into a traditional Pilates practice. The results speak for themselves: Saul is honored to work with a loyal client roster that includes Hollywood's elite entertainers in music, fashion, film and powerhouse corporate executives who require a healthy dose of fitness to balance their busy careers. His commitment to the craft has also gained media accolades for bringing clients transformative results, including features in Vogue, Extra, Entertainment Tonight, and others. 


At the start of his career, Saul met and began training with Mari Winsor, Hollywood's premiere pilates instructor. Thus began a two-decade relationship, with Saul taking on a role as a Winsor senior instructor and appearing in many of the famous Winsor Fitness videos that brought global attention to the Pilates movement.


In 2016, he opened Winsor Choza Pilates, a boutique Pilates studio in West Hollywood. Here, Saul carries on the legacy of the late great Mari Winsor, his beloved mentor, while evolving the studio's offerings to adapt to the needs of the next generation of students and teachers.


Saul is also a teacher's teacher who hosts two weekly workshops where trainers can re-energize their practice and deepen their understanding of Pilates. He travels worldwide, presenting at Pilates conferences and private studio workshops throughout the Americas and Europe.


Saul is a certified Romana Kryzanowska trainer and a PMA-certified Pilates teacher. He holds a Fitness Instruction certificate from UCLA, and a first-level certificate in Kettlebells and Crosscore180. He has also received advanced workshop instruction from many of the world's top Pilates instructors.

Cory Henson

Owner | Studio Manager

Cory Henson is Winsor Choza Pilates' co-owner and director of operations. He guides the studio's white-glove client experience as maitre d' and concierge, maintaining a standard of excellence by curating an atmosphere that immediately puts guests at ease. Cory ensures that those who enter the studio feel they are achieving their wellness and fitness goals in an exclusive and inclusive safe space. He also oversees the right pairing of trainer and client, an essential element of trust-building. In addition to managing the studio's day-to-day operations, he sets the environment for a calm and centering client practice with an elevated ambiance, and pristine state-of-the-art equipment: a hallmark of the Winsor Choza experience.


Cory also serves as Saul's agent and personal manager as he travels and teaches in the U.S. and abroad. Together they build awareness for the studio's offerings via a digital and social media audience in the hopes of sharing their love of pilates with as many people as possible. Cory also joins Saul in honoring Mari's legacy by participating in ALS fundraisers, often with the support of Winsor Chosa's celebrity clientele. 


Prior to Winsor Choza, Cory spent two decades in restaurant leadership roles, including the original Hard Rock Cafes; and east LA landmark Fred 62. From restaurant operations to staff management, music and film location shoots to marketing and high profile events, Cory brings an immeasurable wealth of hospitality expertise to the Winsor Choza brand.

Chaz Knight

Pilates Instructor

Chaz was first certified through Whole Body Method in Los Angeles where he became a teacher trainer and student mentor. He further honed his skills, knowledge and expertise through the shaping and development of daily curriculum.

In 2019 Chaz decided to continue his Pilates education and enrolled in the Romana’s Pilates training program. He was fortunate enough to study closely with second generation teachers Trish Garland and Moses Urbano. 

Chaz is now a Romana’s Pilates certified teacher, and is continuing to hone his craft with his current mentor and employer Saul Choza. 


Vanessa Smith

Pilates Instructor | Certified Personal Trainer

Vanessa Smith first discovered Pilates as part of her dance training while majoring in Musical Theater at The Boston Conservatory. After moving to NYC she continued to study Classical Pilates privately. She was certified to teach by Core Pilates NYC in 2011. She has taught Classical Pilates in NYC at Core Pilates NYC and Plank Pilates. She has worked with clients of all ages, from 16 to 86 years old. Vanessa worked directly with Next Model Management through Plank Pilates to train models to reach aesthetic goals while improving their functional fitness. 


In 2013 Vanessa made the move to LA. She was a Senior Pilates instructor at Equinox Woodland Hills, DTLA, and Hollywood. She taught for YogaWorks and was an assistant teacher trainer, among many other studios in Los Angeles. She has worked with women both pre and post natal. She has worked with numerous athletes, dancers, professionals and others, looking to create functional, balanced, strong, healthy bodies. Vanessa has extensive experience working with injuries, recovering from four major knee surgeries herself. She continues to learn and grow, taking workshops with master trainers, like Saul Choza, all over Los Angeles.

Jeremy Blaine

Pilates Instructor & StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor

Jeremy has a background in gymnastics as well as springboard and platform diving. In 2013 he became a certified Pilates Instructor through the Pilates Certification Los Angeles. From 2013 until 2020 he worked at Equinox. During his time with the company he also went through the Equinox Pilates Certification program to be one of their Pilates teacher trainers. He was a Pilates Manager in Chicago at Equinox Lincoln Park and in Los Angeles at Equinox Miracle Mile. In 2019 he became a StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor (SFG1) and has since added the StrongFirst Bodyweight certification. He is currently training for his SFG2 Certification. Jeremy teaches his clients Kettlebells and Pilates from anywhere in the world. Having been a youth coach in both gymnastics and diving, he is now spending his free time teaching his two children how to skateboard and how to jump off of random pieces of furniture towards unsuspecting people.

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