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Explore our extensive service offerings, designed with you in mind. 
Private and Semi Private Sessions
Core Continum.jpeg
Private Sessions
55 Minutes

A one-on-one session specifically designed for your body's needs.

Saul Choza


One Session

5 Sessions

10 Sessions




Duet Sessions
55 Minutes

Two individuals with one instructor. Great for couples, friends, or family!

Saul Choza

One Duet

5 Duets

10 Duets






Resistance Training
55 Minutes

Work one-on-one with our certified resistance training instructors. This is a great compliment to your Pilates sessions, and will increase your bone density, balance, and strength. 

Prices are reflected under Private Sessions above.

Core Continuum for Teachers
55- 75 Minutes

Deepen your knowledge of the Pilates method with this intimate weekly group class taught by Saul Choza. Join us for class Tuesdays at 3:30pm to intellectually and physically investigate the Classical work in your body. Each class is a progression, designed to create a fluid and strong body that is able to perform the full Pilates system. 

Tuesday's class is foundational. Participants can expect an excellent workout, and stimulation of the mind and body. Pilates teachers and seasoned Pilates students are welcome and encouraged to attend!

One Class- $55

Reformer Class
55 Minutes

An open level class rooted in the classical Pilates method. Classes are held weekly:


Mondays & Wednesdays ....   7am

Tuesdays and Thursdays ....   9:30am   Fridays .........................           8am 

Saturdays ....................           11am

One Class- $55

Other Offerings
WCP Zoom.jpg
Virtual Sessions
55 Minutes

Not in the Los Angeles area, or unable to make it in studio? Join one of our WCP trainers for a virtual session! No equipment necessary. 

One Virtual Session- $115
One Virtual Session with Saul- $150

House Calls
55 Minutes

Bring the expertise of one of our exceptional trainers to the comfort of your home. Whether you have an equipped gym or just a mat, we will work with your space, on your time. 

Joseph's Promise
 3 Months | 48 Private Sessions

The promise is, “in ten sessions you feel a difference, in twenty sessions you see a difference, and in thirty sessions you have a new body.”

We want to pass on the savings to you in a 48 sessions introductory package! With Joseph's promise, you are accountable for your results. Commit to four private classes a week with various trainers. We will accommodate the appointments to your schedule. If you can't make all four sessions in a week, you have seven days to make up any missed sessions. If you need to travel, the package will be frozen until your return. Your goal is to complete 48 sessions in three months to reap the most benefits. Now with virtual learning, you can continue your classes anywhere in the world.

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