The promise is, “in ten sessions you feel a difference, in twenty session you see a difference, and in thirty session you have a new body.” (Of course there must be consistency.)
According to ACSM working three to four times a week for three months, you will create a new physical adaptions (a new body.) Your body will improve on stabilization and strength.

     The Pilates work also improves on muscular endurance, enhances joint stability, increases flexibility, enhances control of posture, improves neuromuscular efficiency (balance, stabilization, muscular coordination) and increases lean body mass. To sum it up, Pilates not only addresses existing structural deficits but also alters the body composition and it sets you up to enjoy other modalities of movement. Joseph’s Promise makes you accountable!


     Commit to four days of private sessions per week with various trainers, we will accommodate to your schedule. If you can’t make all four session in a week, you have 7 days to make up any missed classes. If you
need to travel we will freeze your package. We will reinstate you package as soon as your return. Your goal is to complete 48 sessions in three months. Come in and change your body.