Alicia Silverstone

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I’m always trying to create a fitness regimen. The exercise part is so important for strength and feeling aligned. I’ve noticed that I don’t get massages as much after I started exercising properly. I realized I didn’t have any butt muscles. That’s why my knees were hurting.

So I go to Pilates — it’s like physical therapy. I found a really good place called Winsor Choza Pilates on Beverly Boulevard. I take the classes there.

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Rich Eisen

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 Saul Choza is one of the most inspirational and uplifting trainers I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Working out with him is an absolute pleasure and has been a life-changing experience. If you have a chance to work with Saul, consider yourself lucky. I know I do.

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Laura Wasser

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I have known and worked with Saul Choza since 1999. He has shaped and strengthened my body over the course of 15 years, two pregnancies and a variety of life and body changes. He is a true expert in physical movement, improved health, strength of mind and body and aesthetic shaping. Saul's background in dance paired with his knowledge of the academics of physical training makes him an excellent instructor. He is also lovely to know and be around.